How do I add quiz to a course?

Adding quiz to Zenler course is very simple. Follow the steps below to add a quiz to Zenler course:
  1. Click on the ‘Quiz’ button in the Add section of the Zenler Studio ribbon in your PowerPoint.
  2. A window to select quiz template appears. There are many quiz templates available, select the desired one. Click on OK to proceed.
  3. A ‘Zenler Quiz’ editor window appears. On the ‘Add Question’ section, click on the question type to add. It will add a question in the question index section.
  4. In the question editor section there are three question options: Question, Correct Message and Wrong Message. Fill the fields with desired details.
  5. After inserting all questions click on the ‘Done’ button. Now the whole quiz gets embedded to the Zenler course.
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